Unbelievable Facts About Whiskey

You either love or hate whiskey, there’s no between. Actually, it is one of the most beloved alcoholic beverages and has some serious health benefits, too. Here are some of the most important things you should know about your favorite drink.

1. Supports Healthy Brain Function


We all heard that drinking too much will damage your brain cells and obviously turns you into an alcoholic. The truth is, a moderate amount of whiskey reduces your chances of developing Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.

2. Etymology


The word ‘whiskey’ is an anglicised version of the original Gaelic ‘uisce beatha’ phrase, which literally means ‘water of life’. This name was given by Irish monks of the Early Middle Ages, though.

3. Helps Avoid Weight Gain


It definitely won’t make you lose a lot of weight, but compared to almost every mixed drinks and beer, whiskey is very low in calories. So whenever you’re on a diet but still want to drink, choose whiskey.

4. Spelling


Both whiskey and whisky are correct. The only difference is that the ‘whisky’ form is specific to Scotch Whisky. Scots believe that more vowels waste good drinking time.

5. Safe for Diabetics


You can finally forget about your blood sugar level for a while. Thanks to the low level of sugar in whiskey, you can enjoy a drink or two without worrying about your diabetes.

6. Nikola Tesla


Although the brilliant inventor labeled tea and coffee as unhealthy stimulants, he drank whiskey every day. He told that alcohol is a veritable elixir of life and thought it would make him live up to 150 years.

7. Made from Beer


For the first two days of processing, beer and whisky are exactly the same. However, beer is fermented and whiskey is distilled. So technically, you first have to make beer to distill whiskey.

8. Supports Hearth


Just like wine and dark beer, whiskey is also good for your hearth. The high level of antioxidants can help reduce your risk of having a heart attack.

9. Don’t Add Ice


True drinkers don’t add ice because it dulls the favour of the whiskey. Reducing the temperature of your drink too much, ice inhibits the flavour and freezes its aroma. Just add a drop-small splash of of water.

10. Fights Cancer


Antioxidants like ellagic acid stop your cells from coming into contact with carcinogens and and other toxins that cause mutation in your body. Plus, whiskey helps to protect the body from the effects of chemotherapy in case you were already diagnosed with cancer.

11. Lasts Forever


If you keep an unopened bottle out of direct sunlight it can be kept basically indefinitely. It’s not that the sun ruins the whiskey, but it changes the taste. Truth is, we will never found out since we’re drinking it all up.

12. Improves Digestion


Small amounts of whiskey have long been used as means of improving digestion. Besides curbing your appetite when consuming after a meal and stopping you from overeating, it also prevents stomach aches and indigestion.

13. It’s Clear


Coming off the stills, whiskey is perfectly clear. The darker colour comes from the white oak, in which it has to be aged for years. Therefore, the barrels provide 60 percent of its favour and 100 percent of its color.

14. Reduces the Risk of Stroke


Whiskey improves bad cholesterol and blood clots, thus greatly lowering your risks of having a stroke or a heart attack. In addition, by relaxing the walls of arteries it regulates blood pressure and promotes better circulation.

15. Last Will


Bill Wilson was the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, which helped alcoholics achieve and maintain sobriety. For the final 37 years of his life he drank no alcohol. On his deathbed, however, he asked for a whiskey but the nurse wouldn’t give it to him.

16. Improves Memory

Increasing blood flow in the brain and sending oxygen with other nutrients to it plays a huge role in keeping your memory power in the best shape possible.

17. Lengthens Life


It’s all about the antioxidants. They not only support your immune system by helping the fights against viruses and diseases, but stop free radicals from damaging your body on a cellular level, causing premature aging and chronic diseases.

18. Lowers Stress


Stress is one of the main reasons people turn to whiskey after a rough day. A shot or two actually calms the nerves, relieves stress and improves circulation. If you feel the need to drink every day, maybe it’s time to change something about your lifestyle.

19. No Hangover


You can avoid any hangover if you stick to just a few glasses of whiskey on a night out. Even studies have shown that whiskey drinkers have the lowest levels of hangover symptoms, while others drinking vodka, wine or tequila had raging headaches and nausea.

20. Aging


As you probably know, it takes time to make good whiskey. The alcohol is kept in tons of huge barrels in warehouses for several years before selling. In fact, Jack Daniels owns the largest supply in the world.