Perfectly-Timed Photos that Caught much more than Expected

Have you ever tried to take a perfect picture about your pets, your friends or your family to make a memory for the future while they were busily doing something funny? What about being upset because of missing the exquisite moment that will belike never happen again? Ohh yes, only lucky ones possess the opportunity to be at the right place, in the right time… Let’s check 30 photos from 30 extremely talented (or fortunate) people!

1.The annoying cat

Cat owners completely know this kind of interruption that pussycats love to practise – no matter what you’re working on, if you’re really busy, your cat will surely disturb you in doing that thing. Yet this doesn’t mean that you have the opportunity to catch the right moment as well with your camera or phone! This cat owner is probably very happy, as he surely made a perfect composition – we truly hope that the movie actor has already seen this photo of himself!

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