National Geographic’s Top 20 Photographs

Each year National Geographic publishes the best photographs taken. They are all different yet have one thing in common, and it’s their uniqueness. Have you ever seen such spectacular photos? Check and decide yourself which one is the best. You can learn a lot from these great compositions if you’re interested in photographing but for taking pictures like this your smartphone’s camera wouldn’t probably be enough, you might need a professional digital camera instead.


1. Who’s there?

This little guy here looks like he’s made friends with the photographer before going on an adventure. If all rats are this friendly, then maybe the movie Ratatouille was based on a true story.

2. Hungary

You’ve only seen mysterious places like this in your nightmares before, right? This is a typical picture with a story to tell.

3. Baikal

Nature has its own miracles and secrets. The cracking ice of the Lake Baikal looks like the Earth’s surface is tearing up and the whole world is falling apart.

4. Blown by the Wind

Take this adorable Canadian owl as an example. He’s still going where he has to and doing its job regardless of the difficulties he has to face.

5. British Columbia Coast

Imagine being in the photographer’s place. Would you also have had the courage to take a picture of this hunting wolf in a lake?

6. Antarctica

Two valid reasons why you should avoid Antarctica: freezing cold and ugly penguins attacking you. In real life, they are not as lovely as they first look.

7. Madagascar

Honestly, this looks mesmerizing. The mother of the forest quietly standing and waiting for the sun to come up and the nature to wake up.

8. Croatia

We’re making a huge mistake by visiting the most popular tourist destinations only during summer. It’s time to discover places like this another time of the year, as well.

9. Irak

We have no idea how beautiful some countries can actually be. There are so much more than what we see in TV and on social media.

10. Iceland

Traveling has always been one of the best experiences you can have in life. Just imagine standing there and staring at the wonderful sky all night long.

11. Autumn in Italy

You know autumn is here when the forest starts matching the color of the wildlife. This fox also knows it’s time to look for a warmer place.

12. Winter in Italy

The look on your face when you didn’t listen to your mom about putting on more clothes but she was right as always and it’s actually cold.

13. Tonga

A whale’s life is not easy either. This magnificent animal full of scars and wounds is the warrior of the ocean.

14. China

See how simple life can be sometimes? This man is spending his whole life on boats made of bamboo fishing without the need to live the luxurious life we all dream of.

15. Estonia

This is how cute you look when you wake up after a good nap and have absolutely no idea where you are or what’s going on around you.

16. Wisconsin

When everything freezes around you it feels like time has stopped and there’s nothing except you and the nature.

17. Rock Islands of Palau

Not many of us would dare to swim in the ocean full of yellow jellyfish. However, these ones are completely harmless since they don’t sting and people swim with them quite a lot.

18. Cabo Pulmo

Seem scary at first, but in reality these massive school of fish easily attract big predators. Just be careful not to become the prey!

19. Japan

Just like an old Japanese painting. The Imperial Palace in Kyoto is famous for its blooming cherry trees. Go and see it with your own eyes!

20. Caribbean Island of Bonaire

Scuba diving can surprise you in countless ways. The Hilma Hooker shipwreck is just one of the many gems which can be found in the Caribbean Sea.