She Created 12 Amazing Makeup Looks According To Your Zodiac Signs

12. Aquarius

The person who doesn’t care what others think about them but still gets hurt. Always working on formulating new ideas and already living in the future. Sometimes unpredictable and rebellious but fighting for the soul of the world.

11. Pisces

Be careful, because they’re extremely sensitive and reserved. Their heart is an ocean of emotions in which they’re floating in the opposite direction all the time and trying to escape the reality.

10. Aries

With the horns on their head they’re always ready for a battle with their own leadership. They worn born enthusiastic, goal-oriented and fearless. Competition cannot scare them, they’re looking for it.

9. Taurus

Don’t play with their temper unless you want a taste of their willpower, energy and determination. As being a stubborn person, you can forget about controlling or convincing them about something.

8. Gemini

Their mind is always turning between logic and absurdity, even though they’re highly intelligent. Known for their many sides and being talkative, a Gemini will always take the direction they want to go.

7. Cancer

Although they do enjoy being secured, they also seek for adventure. Their next move is absolutely unpredictable, they only keep the others guessing. They try not to show it, but they are the emotional type.

6. Leo

It’s easy to notice them, they are the ones with the loudest laugh and the brightest smile. Their high self-esteem might be annoying at times but actually they are really kind and generous. Despite being hot tempered, they forgive easily.

5. Virgo

Their personality is clever and analytical which constantly makes them analyzing and thinking. Bettering themselves and those around them is what they enjoy. The innocence, purity and justice are what make them virgos.

4. Libra

There is no one on this planet with who they couldn’t get along well. An expensive taste is added to their good sense of beauty and proportion. They make their own money with hard money.


In fact, even three words are enough to describe a scorpio: powerful, passionate, intuitive. She’s half goddess and half hell, but treat others with loyalty and kindness. Get ready for frequent quarrelling.

2. Sagittarius

They are the true wanderers, who are always hungry for new adventures and experiences. Their free spirits have a very positive outlook on life in general and enjoy meeting new people, even if they have to be reckless.

1. Capricorn

Their ambitious nature and active mind don’t let anybody take the control over them. Their love is like no other, it is as stable as the earth.