Most Beautiful Wedding Photos

You don’t need photoshop to make your wedding photos look stunning, just use your imagination and creativity a bit. Sometimes a beautiful place and the happiness in your eyes is more than enough. Prepare for your big day and get a few ideas while watching these award-winning pictures.


1. Gone in the Sunset

This amazing picture looks like a happy ending of movie. These colors and composition really make you want to go on an unforgettable holiday with your significant other.

2. Dearest Mom

The hug of a loving mother simply cannot be described in words. It’s important to find support even on the most difficult and happiest days of your life.

3. The Dance

Traditional weddings always have that special feeling that makes every second more memorable. It just looks like a magical fairy tale.

4. Above All

Finding the special one we want to spend the rest of our lives with is not as easy as it seems, but it’s definitely worth the wait. Once you have each other, you won’t need nobody else.

5. Little Princess

It is never too late to get married. Do it whenever you feel ready regardless of your age or children.

6. Sparklers

Try to come up with something unique or spectacular for your wedding. It’s your day so don’t listen to anybody, do what you want.

7. On the Top of the World

A great adventure with its own ups and downs starts after you say ‘I do’ out loud. Be ready for everything and stay next to each other no matter what.

8. His Day

Don’t forget about the fiancé on your wedding day. It is just as important for him than it is for you.

9. Chillin’

Someone has probably been celebrating too much. It looks like the next part of the Hangover movies or the day after wedding.

10. No Photoshop

Why not choose a special place for your photo shoot? This pair for example decided to go to the National Gallery of Australia to take these breathtaking photos.

11. Dance and Sing

Sometimes the simples and smallest weddings can be the best ones. It’s so heartwarming to see them all standing together and singing for the couple as they dance.

12. Bad Weather Doesn’t Matter

As the saying goes, after every storm there is a rainbow. Never let go each other’s hands, not even in the worst times.

13. The Entrance

Although the first steps are the hardest, you still have to make them. From that moment, something wonderful begins.

14. Above the Clouds

Hold on to those people who make you feel like you’re in heaven and try to make them feel the same way.

15. Have Fun

Both wedding and marriage require dedication and a lot of work, but don’t forget to have fun sometimes. That’s what makes everything okay.

16. Love in the Desert

There are so many options you haven’t thought of yet. You can make everyone jealous with pictures like this.

17. Last Minute

You can also take fun wedding photos, they don’t necessary have to be all serious. Just create something true to yourself.

18. Let It Rain

Because no amount of rice is enough on a wedding. It’s a great idea to include all of your friends in the wedding photos by the way.

19. Keep It Simple

A closeup photo with all the details is the simplest and the most common, yet still can be so unique. The facial expressions say what words can’t.

20. Getting Ready

Getting married is a huge milestone in everyone’s life. You might feel worried or confused but take a deep breath and go for it.