30 Actors Take The Same Pictures With Their Doubles!

Stunt doubles are taking huge risk by performing in very dangerous film or movie sequences. Although it’s their job and that is what they make a living from, the stunts they do are still impressive. Can you guess which actors have doubles and how they look?

30. Michelle Morgan (Heartland) and Stunt Double Kateri Cowley

You can barely decide who is who since they look so alike.

29. Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) and Stunt Double

Even the tough Dwayne Johnson has a stunt double. Who would’ve thought?

28. Uma Thurman and Stuntwoman Zoe Bell

Stunt doubles also have to rest between two dangerous scenes sometimes.

27. Lucy Lawless and Zoe Bell

No famous actor wants to risk their health or life for a few exciting minutes  in a movie.

26. Charlize Theron and Stunt Double Alicia Vela-Bailey

Stunt doubles live for the adrenalin they feel during action.

25. Rupert Grint and Stunt Double Anthony Knight

You know what they say; brother from another mother. Or father.

24. Kate Beckinsale and Stuntwoman

Would you be surprised to meet your doppelganger in real life?

23. Jennifer Lopez and Stunt Double

It’s har to believe that there are about 7 people in the world who look just like you.

22. Daniel Craig and Stunt Double

Seriously, how do fans know which person to take a picture with?

21. Carrie Fisher and Stunt Double

Perhaps only their mothers can decide which is their daughter.

20. Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller

Actually, Ben Stiller dressed as Tom Cruise’s for a Mission Impossible parody.

19. Angelina Jolie and Stunt Double

The key to success is the similar body structure, same outfit and hair.

18. Brad Pitt and his Stunt Double

Sometimes the outlook of a stunt requires more work than the actual actor’s.

17. Natalie Portman and Stunt Double/Ballerina Sarah Lane

Having more skills or talents than an actor must create some tension.

16. Rob Pattinson and his Stunt Double

Because with a little effort everyone can look the same.

15. Lynda Carter and Stuntwoman Jeannie Epper

Have you ever noticed a stunt in a movie instead of an actor?

14. Shia Labeouf and his Stunt Double

Imagine a dream job where you can meet your favorite Hollywood actors.

13. Alyson Hannigan and Stunt Doubles

In some movies there are more stunt doubles than you think.

12. Tom Hardy and Stunt Double

Admit it, no one would be happy if Tom Hardy got injured during filming.

11. Daniel Radcliffe, Robbie Coltrane and Stunt Doubles

Directors and managers probably wouldn’t want the main actor to get hurt either.

10. Cameron Diaz and Stuntwoman Kimberly Shannon Murphy

Since they often risk their lives, their salary is extremely high compared to an average.

9. Anna Paquin, Brit Morgan (True Blood) and Stunt Doubles

Imagine how many people come up to them on a daily basis thinking they are the actors.

8. James Marsters and his Stunt Double

At least they can get some stuff for free and feel famous for a while.

7. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Stunt Double

Everyone would think they are twins if they’d go out into the street.

6. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan himself can’t believe how similar they look.

5. Regina King and Stunt Double

Actually, there are a very few A-list actors who refuse to use stunt doubles.

4. Harrison Ford and Stuntman Vic Armstrong

Skilled replacements appear in almost every single movie.

3. Kirsten Stewart’s Body Double Roberta Murga

Body doubles only have to pay attention to not showing their face to be unrecognisable.

2. January Jones and Stuntwoman

There’s a lot of work behind each performance stuntsmen and woman do.

1. Spaceballs Stunt Doubles Scene (joke from movie)

Try to recall all the fights and jumps in a movie. Do you think you could do it?