The 20 Greatest Moments in Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones is obviously the best TV show today; almost everybody knows what it is. Once you begin to watch it you simply cannot stop until you finish the whole series. So here is a list of the favorite past moments taken from the series.

20. Blackwater Blown Up, Episode 209

Season two is probably one of the most underrated seasons of Game of Trones. However, this scene when the whole Blackwater was on fire is clearly unforgettable. It makes you stand up and say ‘damn’.

19. Jon’s Gift to Arya, Episode 102

This is where it all started for Arya. She was so little and innocent back then and look where she is know. Jon knew the Needle will be in good hands when he gave her the weapon that saved her life. It was such a heartwarming scene.

18. Oberyn Defeats Mountain, Episode 408

The fight itself was beautifully shot and choreographed. All those feelings that ran through you during that moment were something unique. Which team did you support?

17. Theon Taking Winterfell, Episode 206

No doubt, Theon was the most hated guy during that time. Everything including the wailing of the Stark kids, Luwin’s failed intercession and Jon’s execution was so tense and tragic. Theon Greyjoy was not the only one lost in the episode.

16. Daenerys in Astapor Taking the Unsullied, Episode 304

This is when Daenerys showed what she’s really capable of. Our blood boiled like dragon fire after she acquired the Unsullied. Her triumph was memorable enough to put her on this list.

15. The Night King Raises the Dead, Episode 508

Some say season 5 was the worst one so far and had its own ups and downs. Although we knew the Night King could raise the dead, it was still the most chilling and intimidating scenes in the show.

14. Daenerys Sails for Westeros, Episode 610

Such a phenomenal season finale, right? Fans have been waiting for long years to see her finally going to the home she had never known ready to take back the throne she was thrilling to see.

13. A Golden Crown for a King, Episode 106

The very first villain death and how satisfying it was! Ironically, Viserys got the crown he always wanted but the worst way we could ever imagine. You know how it goes; you get what you deserve.

12. Brienne and the Hound Fighting, Episode 410

Two great warriors are willing to kill in order to protect Arya Stark. Stunning cinematography, expert choreography including rocks, fists, steel and even teeth; what else do we need? It all ends when Brienne leaves the hound bleeding at the foot of a mountain.

11. Jamie and Brienne Sharing a Bath, Episode 305

It was certainly one of the finest acting feats of the actor playing Jamie. When the two shared a bath naked, Jamie unexpectedly opens up about his past. From this point Brienne sees Jamie with new eyes and it completely changed their character arcs and relationship, as well.

10. Where It All Began, Episode 101

That very first moment in the first episode of the whole show when you realized that one is not here to play games. It has just started but already got us hooked. The poor child was pushed out of the window when he saw Jamie having fun with his sister.

9. Jon Snow is Dead, Episode 510

You have never seen such a heartbreaking moment like the coldblooded murder of Jon Snow. He mastered an extra wave of emotions just in seconds. The look of horror in Jon’s eyes leaves a question in all of us. How will the next season start?

8. Joffrey’s Death at Purple Wedding, Episode 402

Many of us watched this episode with pure satisfaction and happiness. King Joffrey’s reign is over because someone poisoned him. Hate was gone with the death of the tyrant.

7. Cersei’s Walk of Atonement, Episode 510

The closure of the fifth season was strong, for sure. It made you feel emotionally uncomfortable and drained. This portrayal and image has burned into everyone’s brain for long.

6. Jon’s Mother Revealed, Episode 610

After so many seasons and anticipation the truth is finally here and it was worth the wait. In the Tower of Joy Ned reunited with his dying sister. He was holding her newborn son and new exactly what promise he made.

5. Hodor Holds the Door, Episode 605

That one character we did not know the story of. He was once known as Wylis, and his panicked shouts “Hold the door!” became a painfully familiar refrain. His life, however, was plunged into darkness.

4. Cersei at the Trial, Episode 610

No one could guess that Cercei was going to rewrite the rules and blow up the Sept of Baelor with her enemies in it. Also one of the strongest of all GoT’ action sequences.

3. Daenerys Rises from the Ashes, Episode 110

Daenerys Targaryen had a rough way to her own success. After the marriage and death of Khal Drogo she becomes the Khaleesi. The princess emerged not burnt with alive dragons from the ashes. It gives you the chills every single time.

2. Execution of Ned Stark, Episode 109

It was something hard to forget. Nobody believed the main character could really die. Ned Stark’s death started the whole war and since then you never knew what would happen next in the series.

1. The Red Wedding, Episode 309

The most significant moment in the whole television history. There were brutal murders of numerous major characters. It might be an end of an era and some guessed the end of House Stark, too.