15 Reasons Your Husband Won’t Sleep With You

Don’t panic, just because your spouse has started saying “not tonight” more frequently, it does not mean that he stopped loving you or might be cheating on you. Yes, it is painful to be rejected, but you have to understand that there is something else behind. It’s time to reveal the most common reasons and the answers for your problem.

15. Wants to Relax


Your husband comes home after a long day and retreats into his man cave each night. Seems familiar? Unfortunately, it could create a pattern of disconnection between you two. Try to tell him, that you miss him because he may not realize it. Spend the evening doing something together, and once it happens there’s an opportunity for intimacy.

14. Your Children


Some husbands have trouble seeing their wives as the same beings once they become moms, that’s a fact. Believe it or not, putting children in the center of the family is another libido killer. You two are just as important as them. Keep their toys, photos, clothes outside your bedroom.

13. Playing Video Games or Watching Sports


He gets hooked on these games with his friends making it unable to peel him away from the screen because there’s no emotional investment in it. Let him have some fun and simply make agreements on when he will spend some time with you and his friends.

12. Your Period


While some men have an ick factor about that time of the month, others believe that you are the one who wouldn’t engage in a potentially messy lovemaking. Talk with your partner about this, it can turn out being a great experience even if you have to sacrifice a towel or two.

11. No Spontaneity


As the number of your responsibilities and everyday tasks rise, avoid turning sleeping together into a to-do list item. Be dressed like when you were dating when he gets home, send your kids to grandma’s or rent a hotel room without him knowing and see his reaction.

10. Performance Anxiety


Man have to face a lot of pressure, as well. Despite not having any performance problems, he can still worry about them in advance. In addition, one bad experience can make him unconfident and nervous for a very long time. Ask him to do something pleasurable just for you, so your arousal can arouse him, too.

9. Lacking Confidence


Women are not the only ones constantly anxious about their appearance and attractiveness. Men also feel insecure sometimes, so let your husband know that he still sets your heart racing. If you both need a boost in confidence, try doing more activities or sports together.

8. Too Much Adult Movies


Spending most of his free time online watching porn actually lowers male desire and causes erectile dysfunction. Furthermore, creating unrealistic expectations can worsen the relationship with you thus decreasing activity in bed.

7. Working


It’s normal to feel neglected when your husband works all the time. Instead of attacking him for always being too busy, agree on a time when you both turn off the phones, stop checking emails and focus only on each other. Be flexible when duty actually calls and he really has to answer, though.

6. Sleeping


In case one or both of you are exhausted at the end of the day and choose sleep over some fun, schedule it in the morning after you woke up or simply let your hubby know when you’re ready for a quickie.

5. You’re His Mom


If you are constantly mothering him, no wonder he stays away from you in bed. Criticizing him and complaining about what he does or doesn’t do all the time does not help. Soon, he will believe that you aren’t satisfied with his performance in bed either.

4. Fear


Have you ever thought that he might be afraid of rejection? If you already turned him down a few times chances are he doesn’t have the guts to initiate a round with you. It’s not just women, men also want to feel wanted, so show your desire for him.

3. Medical Issues


Mental health issues like depression or anxiety affects every part of daily life including your relationship. Be patient and understanding with people dealing with these problems and try to help them. Plus, some medication also can have an impact on the desire and ability to make love.

2. Low Testosterone


Testosterone production typically decreases as men age and causes loss of libido and erectile disfunction. Losing interest in bedtime activities scares them more than you, but it’s a completely normal result of aging. Just wait until he gets in the mood and then give him all you’ve got.

1. Looks


We all know guys are pretty much visual. Put some extra effort in your looks for your hubby making the bedroom an incredible place to be. Don’t overthink, just keep it simple. Wear a cute dress for a night out or put on hot lingerie you’ve bought and leave the lights on to turn him on.